The past

Melship AB was founded in 1973 and do therefor celebrate it's 40th anniversary in 2013.
Melship is since September 2003 owned by Boxvik Shipping & Holding AB.

Today the Melship family has grown and have besides the Swedish organization, offices in Finland (Oy Melship Ab) and Norway (Melship Norway A/S).

The present

The Melship companies have some 20 dedicated employees with offices in Gothenburg, Helsingborg, Sarpsborg and Helsinki.
The turnover for 2011 was EUR 25.000.000.

We concentrate on the following segments:

- Shipbroker and liner agents with agencies for ship owners trading to and from the Med Sea, Middle East, South America & West Africa.
- Feeder traffic between Sweden, Denmark, Spain, France, Benelux and UK
- NVO and Express service through our own brand name MELMED and as well as agents of the worldwide concept Seaworld Shipping Lines
- Fairs and Exhibition transport and organizer.


The future 

We are constantly developing and expanding our representations and products. In addition we has come far on the environmental and quality system areas and have been certified on ISO 9001 & 14001 since 2003.




Postal address: Box 12035,

402 41 Gothenburg
Phone: +46 31 850600
E-post: info@melship.se